Coriolis is set in the Third Horizon, a collection of 36 interconnected star systems. The massive space station, Coriolis, often called ”the crown of the Horizon,” orbits the gas giant Kua and serves as a central hub of trade, politics, and culture. The game’s atmosphere and aesthetic draw heavily from Middle Eastern themes, offering a unique blend of Arabian Nights mystique with high-tech spacefaring civilization.
The Icons, a pantheon of deities, play a vital role in the Third Horizon’s daily life, politics, and technology. Their influence is pervasive, and they grant powers to devout followers.

Like ”Forbidden Lands”, Coriolis uses the Year Zero Engine. It’s a d6 dice pool system where players combine attributes and skills to determine outcomes, with every roll of a 6 signifying a success.
Another great Game by The Free League.