”Baldur’s Gate” is set in the Forgotten Realms, a popular campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). The titular city, Baldur’s Gate, is a bustling port on the Sword Coast, and the game’s events span various locations in and around this region. The CRPG game series is renowned for its deep storytelling, branching dialogue options, and morally complex decisions, giving players the freedom to shape their character’s alignment and destiny.

The characters of the game portraited by Sweden Rolls Actors

The Protagonist – Dominic Kelly:
This is the player’s character, who is central to the story. As a Bhaalspawn, the child of the god of murder Bhaal, the character’s journey from a simple ward to a powerful figure is central to the series’ plot.

Imoen – Anneli Heed:
A cheerful thief (and later, a mage), Imoen is the protagonist’s childhood friend and adoptive sister. She plays a significant role throughout the series, especially in ”Baldur’s Gate II.”

Minsc – Mattias Redbo: A beloved ranger with a penchant for quirky sayings, Minsc is known for his ”miniature giant space hamster” named Boo. His boisterous nature and strong sense of justice make him a standout character.

Jaheira – Ingela Lundh: A half-elf druid/fighter, Jaheira is a loyal companion and a member of the Harpers, a secretive organization. She is strong-willed, with a deep sense of duty and honor. Jaheira is known for her assertiveness and sometimes even blunt demeanor. While she might come off as abrasive to some, her intentions are noble. She acts as a mentor to the protagonist, offering guidance and occasionally chastising them for making morally questionable decisions. She is Married to Khalid.

Khalid – Jakob Hultcrantz Hansson: A half-elf fighter, Khalid is married to Jaheira, and their bond is evident in their interactions. In contrast to Jaheira’s assertive nature, Khalid is timid and soft-spoken. His characteristic stammer, especially when he’s nervous or agitated, is endearing to some players and annoying to others. Despite his gentle demeanor, he is brave and stands firm in battles and dangerous situations.